Will you be My Valentine?
Will you keep our love so bright?
Will you warm my heart each night?

When I go to bed at night,
I feel your love, it burns so bright.
You help me not to loose the sight of what is really needed.
With your kind and gentle touch in my heart you've seeded
a need to stop and smell the roses. A need to rub our noses.

As this life drives one to take on poses of success, what can be
more important than the love of one who choose us.
I choose you and you choose me, till death do us part
we are joined at the heart.

We are one to sing and fling and cry,
to slog through the mud, to break free and fly.
to try and succeede, and to sometimes fail we joined in this life
to live under one sail. From young and strong to old and frail our
lives become one in lifes great tale.

I will Love you allways,

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