To My Wife and Mother of my Child on Mothers day.

What society holds in highest piety.
To work and slave in some bosses cave.
To climb up the rungs of society.
This is not your lot.

Your in charge of our tot.
That's asking a lot.

All through the year you are quick to comfort a tear.
To hear what is said. To tuck son in bed.

To sit patiently by while Dr. Seuss is read.
You know each word that is said.
You hear each rhyme for the ten thousandth time.

To Cheer when you see our son has been trying.
To be feared when son has been lying.

To patiently say sevens aren't written that way.
To produce string tape, glue , and paint that is blue,
to help build?? (What it is I haven't a clue)

Enough about task, this is for you.
To thank you again, for being lover and friend.
Your family loves you no end.
I wish just to say I love you today
and every other day that's a mothers day.

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