To Be Married.

by Paul Breed

What it means to be one.

To be joined at the heart until death do us part.
At first the words can be a fright but they soon become light.
To grow from just sharing to become completely caring.
To walk side by side with love as your guide.
It's not a free ride, there is much to be done,
It's hard to be one.

A Partner.
Arm in arm as you walk, as friends when you talk.
There are dreams that need dreaming, and dragons to slay,
more than enough to fill this small day. But never too full
to make time for two, to give a hug, to give a thought,
to stop and say I'm your love for this and every day.

When life keeps you winning there's one to share grinning.
When life keeps wheels spinning, there's someone to say:
It's all OK ,we are together today.

A partner in life to help battle strife.
A Partner for sharing, in a world that's uncaring.
A rose to love, never to shove.

Years from today, far far away one to hold close and say:
your hair looks beautiful in gray.

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